What You Aren’t Being Told About Trading

One of the biggest mistakes traders make is thinking they can follow the exact same path to trading success that most other traders follow, only with different results.

Call it ego

Call it false confidence.

Call it whatever you like…

But whatever you do, do not go down that same path.

Going down that path that most traders go gives you an incredibly low probability of success in the first 5-10 years, and even after that it is marginal.

For most, trading is a MASSIVE expense in time and money that ultimately carries little reward in comparison.

Trading is hard enough without operating on inaccurate information.

Yet that is what most traders operate on…inaccurate information.

Inaccurate information leads to false expectations.  False expectations lead to bad decisions.

Bad decisions lead to losses.

You would be surprised at the sheer volume of inaccurate information that is really out there.

Some of it is purposefully promoted.

Some of it is from ignorance.

And some of it is based on nothing more than the desire to believe it.

You Don’t Have to Go Down That Path.

I went down that path and only when I stopped listening to all the gurus and brokers, and went through the long, grueling process of figuring this out on my own did I start to achieve any kind of success at all.

It was brutal. Man do I have some stories.

After I figured out what really matters (many, many years ago), I stopped having nightmare types of trading experience.

Instead, I now have some pretty incredible trading feats under my belt.

  • To this day, I still hold the record for the fastest to reach a 500% return in a live trading contest (I achieved 607% in 72-days) day trading the S&P.
  • I have gone an entire year without a loss in options (54 winners in a row).
  • I’ve gone through a 4-year period where I had over 300 trades during that time with a 94% win rate.
  • I’ve grown many small accounts using low-risk, high-probability option spreads.
  • In a recent year I grew a $5,000 account to over $17,000 in just 4 /12 months WITH MINIMAL RISK

But all of my trading attempts are not successes.

There are some trading approaches and attempts that go through significant periods of time where the equity just treads water.

But what I have not experienced in probably 20-years, and what I NEVER put myself in a position to experience is blowing an account out, or for that matter, exceeding absolute and reasonable risk limits.


Instead of looking for the next new and shiny thing, here is what your main focus should be.
The first and foremost goal in trading is SURVIVAL.

That one tip alone is worth GOLD.

And I am not even kidding.

If you don’t survive, you won’t last long enough to experience the kind of successes I have experienced, and no doubt will experience in the future.

My Question To You Is:

Do you want to take a MASSIVE short-cut to your trading success compared to most other traders, and compared to the current path you are on?

This short-cut will potentially save you at least a decade of frustration, and tens of thousands of wasted dollars on useless information and needless trading losses.

See what others that said YES have to say:

I’m that guy who has spent $50K+ on a lot of Trading Courses/Programs/Signal services over the years and I can say without a doubt Ryan Jones Trading is one of only two companies that I don’t regret spending the money on.

Tom S.

Hi, Ryan! Just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been since joining your service 2 years ago. I had tried several other products that promised big, massive gains with proven strategies but never saw any real gains from any of them. Your strategies have proven to be just as advertised – regular smaller gains that can be compounded with less risk. It took me a few months to begin to catch on, but I did as you advised and kept coming back to the live trade calls and I began to see how these trades work. I can now plan and execute my own trades as well as the ones that you cover on the live trade sessions. I am not rich (YET) but am on my way to securing my future with your program. Thank you for all that you do for us!


“I have spent $100,000 (yes, you read that right) over the years buying just about every trading course, seminar, strategy and signal service I could get my hands on, and have pretty much seen everything this industry has to offer. I can tell you the only trader who has all the pieces to this puzzle is Ryan Jones”.

C. Martin, AZ

And that is the Truth About Trading.

Change Your Trading, Change Your Life

Ryan Jones

SmartTrading Founder

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