In today’s Super Seasonals: Trade of the Week we will look at Prologis Inc (PLD).

Prologis, Inc. engages in providing logistics solutions and services. Prologis owns, manages, and invests in logistics real estate. Prologis is a REIT, and is the biggest of the big with a market capitalization of $100 billion give or take. It acquires and develops large real estate properties in the United States and around the world.

Below are the snippets of the seasonal stats for the next couple of months. Also, a chart with potential gap fills in the $114 area, and then to the $125 area.

From a recency bias, the past 5-10 years of a seasonal tendency appears to still be valid…

Below are a couple of histograms that show the most recent Monthly moves over the past 10 years…

Below is a week by week breakdown of the seasonal stock move. The first week of June has a tendency to be most optimal, although the following weeks look fairly decent as well…

As you likely know, there are literally dozens of solid ways to approach trading Prologis Inc (PLD) with a bullish bias. The decision of how to best invest in the stock or trade the options is an individualized decision, unfortunately there is no one best way. Keep in mind that seasonality is about probabilities, not certainties. Please remember, do your homework, and fully understand the risk before trading anything.

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Trade Smart,
Chad Shirley