In today’s Super Seasonals: Trade of the Week we will look at Alphabet Inc. Class A (GOOGL)

Below are the seasonal snippets on Alphabet (Google) over the next 3.5 months of trading.

Below are the past 5-10 years on Alphabet, which infers the seasonals appear to have potential relevance from a recency bias standpoint.

Below is a backtest of what an hypothetical $1,000 investment (non-compounded) in stock shares would have yielded.

As you likely know, there are literally dozens of solid ways to approach trading Alphabet Inc. Class A (GOOGL) with a bullish bias. The decision of how to best invest in the stock or trade the options is an individualized decision, unfortunately there is no one best way. Keep in mind that seasonality is about probabilities, not certainties. Please remember, do your homework, and fully understand the risk before trading anything.

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Trade Smart,
Chad Shirley