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How to Achieve 5% Monthly Returns on a Consistent Basis Using One of the Most Simple, Logical, Powerful and Proven Options Strategies

on the Planet

This is the first equity curve on the OFP page.

If your goal is to generate an average of 5% income per month from an easy to trade, high-probability option strategy, you have come to the right place.
I began trading options in 1987. My first option trade was a loss. Over the next 5 years, I had 3 different accounts I tried buying options in. All 3 accounts ended up losing money. I finally figured out that the way to make money trading options was to sell them. So, I began selling options. Much to my surprise, that account ended up losing money as well.

I bought options and lost money.

So I tried selling options...and lost money at that too!

I was stumped. By this time, I had traded virtually every major approach to the markets,

options or otherwise. I had traded futures, options, spreads between futures and options,

spreads between futures, spreads between options, long-term, short-term, you name it, I tried

it. Most of my experiences for the first 5 years left me disappointed.

That's when I got serious about trading. I scrapped everything I knew about trading and made

it a goal to understand the practical application of what it takes to succeed. I was done just

learning a strategy without really understanding what I was doing, only to have it end in


Suffice it to say that I came up with the most simple, down to earth, practical approach to option

trading you will find out there. I have not seen any strategy that uses the logic I use to analyze

and trade options. Whether you are interested in buying options, selling options, or trading

option spreads, you do not want to take another option trade

without this information.

This information is the same information that I used to generate a phenomenal, 1-year track record of 55 winning trades in a row, actual fills. This is the same information I used to generate a 3-year track record of 202 winners out of 215 trades (94% winners).

This is what the Options for Profits course and signals is all about. Consistent success.

Now, before I go any further, you have to understand one thing about options. There is nothing magical about them. There are times and market conditions that are not favorable to consistent success, whether you are selling or buying options. Sometimes you know ahead of time that you should step to the side and wait for better circumstances, sometimes you don't. Bottom line, you cannot trade options without there being some sort of risk, I don't care what anyone tells you.

You also need to understand that there are fundamental mathematical principles that heavily influence the success rate of any option trade being profitable. Many option traders think these are complicated mathematical formulas that only the most sophisticated mathematicians understand. They are dead wrong. In order to understand how to give yourself the highest probability of success, and the greatest profit potential of any option trade, you only need to understand a few very simple, very basic mathematical calculations...the kind of calculations I was learning in 5th grade.

In fact, most traders who have taken my Options for Profits course, regardless of how much experience they have trading options, have found my approach for analyzing and trading options to be the most logical, simple and profitable approach of any options course by any trading guru.

If you have any experience in options, you have probably heard the term theta, beta, gamma, delta, kappa, etc. Too many traders spend entirely too much time pouring into analyzing all of these greek terms. What if I were to tell you that I have never once, not one single solitary time, not in my 1-year, 55 trade win streak, or in my 3-year 202 out of 215 trade win streak, not ever looked at any of those numbers to analyze and pick a trade.

Don't get me wrong, the principles behind that information is valuable...but that information alone just simply isn't as practical as my approach. So, we use the principles, but in a nuts and bolts kind of way.

I can look at any market, any option string and quickly tell you whether I want to buy options, sell options, and at which strike price and expiration month...all with just a few simple calculations that any 5th grader can understand.

But being a profitable option trader is more than just knowing how to analyze and trade options. In fact, if you really want to give yourself the greatest probability of long-term success as an option trader, you need to know two very, very important things before you take any trades:

  • What the risks are (including probability of realizing the risk)
  • How to manage those risks

For example, most traders believe there are more risks in selling options than buying options. This is exactly the opposite of the truth. Selling options has a far, far greater probability of success. But remember when I said my first option selling account lost money. It was because I didn't really understand what the risks were, or how to manage them. Once you have that down, you won't believe the probability of you ultimately being a successful option trader.

This is where I lose a lot of traders. I start talking about risks and all of a sudden, their hopes and dreams of a for sure, no risk strategy goes down the tubes. Ultimately, those traders will, in all probability, NEVER be successful no matter what they trade. You have to take risk by the horns if you expect to be successful in the markets. You have to embrace it, understand it, prepare for it and then manage it. It is impossible to properly manage risk without first embracing, understanding and preparing for it.

I spend several hours in the course talking about risk. In reality, risk is our friend. It is what creates the opportunity to profit in the first place. Embrace it.

Finally, after you have gone through the 10-hour online Options for Profits course, I will also provide you with a 3-month subscription to my Option House signal service. This is the same service that generated the 55 trade winning streak, and 202 winners out of 215 trades. I give you exact entry and exit orders (this is an end of day service, so there is no market watching). There are an average of 5 - 7 trades each month, and you can pick and choose, or take all of them, each independently carrying a very high probability of success.




13,923 Trades With a 92.8% Winning Record


Now let me tell you a little more about that track record. During a 3-year period, we had 202 winners and 13 losers. Out of those losers, 10 of them came from either the metals or energies, which were extremely volatile during this time period. Take all trades in those markets out and the track record is an amazing 136 winners, 3 losers for almost $40,000 in net profits. That is a whopping 97.8% winning record. This underscores the statement I made earlier stating that there are times and markets when you simply want to step aside.

As you will recall, I also made a statement that there is nothing magical about options. It is sheer logic and simple mathematics. So if there is nothing magical, how in the world did I pick the right options to generate a 94% winning record, inclusive of the energies and metals?

Option House is a specific strategy I reveal in the Options for Profits course that is based on the logic you learn in the course. We have a software the scans all options on futures that meet our minimum criteria for this strategy every day. I simply choose from this pool of options. We kept track of every single option that met our minimum criteria according to the Option House strategy. All 13,923 of them during the 3-year period. Guess what the winning % was? 92.8 percent!!!

Obviously, it is impossible to trade 14,000 options. But my point is I could have thrown a dart at any of them at any time and my winning % would have been very close to 92%. There is nothing magical about options. It is just logic and simple mathematics. And almost 14,000 trades proves it.


Below is the equity curve of every single option tracked during that period (hypothetical of course, but this is the option pool I chose the actual 215 option trade track record from):


This is the first equity curve on the OFP page.


Just to explain this track record a bit more. You see the sideways action at around the $1,000,000 in profits area? Sometimes there are 10 or 15 different strike prices in the same market on the same day that meet our criteria. We tracked all of them. If that particular market makes a run, then all 10 or 15 of those options were potentially losses. Most of that sideways action is based on a time period when metals and energies were making big runs, causing many of the options to become losers. The tail end of the sideways action was due to a series of losses in stock market index puts (DJ, ND & SP).



This is the 2nd equity curve on the OFP page



Notice that the total net profit without the metals and energies drop by almost $1 million over this 3-year period. That just underscores what I have said, there are times when you do not want to be in certain markets, but outside of those times, the probabilities kick right back in.

Options for Profits course talks about how to determine the warning signs of when to leave a market alone, or at least wait for extra tremendous opportunities.

If you haven't figured out by now, Option House is mainly focused on selling options. There are some basic common sense filters you can use to decrease the overall risk of hitting a series of losing trades. For example, I rarely sell stock market index puts. When stocks crash, they can really crash. I would just rather steer clear of that entire sector most of the time (although it was still profitable overall in this track record).

Another time to stay away is during any season when weather can spike a market. Right now we are watching grains go parabolic due to the drought in the mid west. Around June, I make sure I am out of grains as a general rule until usually sometime after July. There are some really good opportunities right now in grains (call side), but you need to be very careful.

I discuss the common sense approach to being careful about the options you get into. Even without the common sense, the probability of long-term success is very high.


What Does it Take to Make 5% Per Month?


A different tactic is used depending on the size of account you have. But a $10,000 account only needs to have 1 - 2 successful trades per month on average. A $100,000 only needs to have about 10 - 15 successful option trades per month. There are obviously many, many opportunities. The Option House signals will give you the best opportunities available. You can pick and choose, or you can trade them all (to trade them all requires about a $25,000 account).

Option House Signals

When you purchase the Options for Profits course, I will include 3-months of my Option House signals. These are so powerful that you could pay for the entire course with just 2-trades. That's it. Go through the course, watch the signals and pick one or two trades that you are comfortable with. You'll have a 92% probability of paying for the course in just those 2 trades.

I don't know what other course and signal service carries that kind of value.

By the way, every fill reported in the Options House signal service are actual fills, not hypothetical. Here is an example of a recent Option House signal that was filled:

Sell Sept Coffee 235.00 calls for 1.40 or better ($525).

This was filled on 7/11/12 and exited on 7/17/12 (just 6-days later) for a profit of $412.50. On a $10,000 account, that is 4% in just 6-days with a very high probability of success.

We exit most of our trades long before expiration based on a simple mathematical calculation. We provide exact entry and exit rules for every trade.
Take a look at the Coffee chart with the option price also charted.



This is an image of the price history on the OFP page



Without giving away all of my secrets, this is a tremendous trade and opportunity. Based on historical volatility, the probability of Coffee traveling to the strike price within 30 days of our entry date is less than 3%. There are other factors that made this a tremendous opportunity as well, but you can see the kind of high probability trades we take with the Option House signals.

Each signal carries a high probability of success independent of all other trades. This means you can pick and choose which trades you take if you are not able to take all of the signals.


Money Back Guarantee


The information contained in this course is priceless...because it teaches you one of the most proven methods for trading options that can provide consistent income for the rest of your life.

Despite this value, I am going to still provide a full money back guarantee. If after 3-months you do not make back the cost of the course after taking at least 4 of the option signals provided in the Option House subscription, I'll return your purchase price, no questions asked.

There is, of course, a chance that you won't make the cost of the course back on your first 4 trades. However, the probability is so high that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Even if you don't make back the cost of the course on your first 4-trades, the probability of long-term success of this strategy is extremely high and you will still be able to take advantage of it for the rest of your life.

Don't delay and end up missing a course that will change how you trade options forever! You can begin going through the online course immediately by signing up now.


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