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If you are frustrated and disappointed with your trading, perhaps it is time to wipe the slate clean and start over.  It is not a surprise that you might be frustrated and disappointed. What if I were to tell you that pretty much everything you have learned about trading is wrong?  "No way" you say?  It is estimated that 80% - 95% of all traders lose money.  This would not be the case if everything they had learned was right.

It is time to wipe the slate clean and start over.

Let's get something straight.  If you want to succeed, you have got to do things radically different than how you have been doing them.  You can start by picking up a trading magazine and look at the ads and what they focus on.  The start of your radical change is to focus on the opposite.  So what do they focus on?  The first thing they focus on is PROFITS.  What is the opposite of profits?  Losses, or risks.  Most traders shrink away from even thinking about risks, much less taking them head on. 


The first step to success in trading is to change your paradigm with how you view risks.  You will find very few trading programs that tell you to focus first on risks.  Why?  Because risk doesn't sell.  Well, I'm not interested in selling you on anything.  I'm only interested in providing you with the best, most thorough, practical, and powerful trading information that will help you put the odds of success in your favor. 


If all you care about is being placated by being told how easy it is to succeed in trading and how you will become a millionaire within 3-hours of starting to trade a strategy, then I wish you the best in your trading ventures, but the Trade Focus Mentorship Program is not for least not yet.  Perhaps in a year or two when you realize that you are missing critical information, you'll be back.  


So what exactly can the Trade Focus Mentorship Program do for you?  I believe more than any other program, course(s), signal service, or trading product in the entire industry, the Trade Focus Mentorship Program will give you the highest probability of long-term success, bar none.



If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't have created it. 


The Trade Focus Mentorship Program is the only "complete" trading program in the industry that more than adequately covers everything necessary to succeed in the markets.  The information is not rehashed material from others.  In fact, most of it is original information that you won't find anywhere else because it isn't being taught anywhere else.  It is fresh, it is different, and it is powerful. 


The focus of the Trade Focus Mentorship Program is to give traders a complete understanding of what it takes to succeed from A to Z.  The topics covered in the TFMP are:


  • Building the Right Foundation (8-Hours)
  • The Power of Money Management (10-Hours)
  • The Winning Psychology of Traders (8-Hours - it's not positive thinking)
  • Options for Profits (by focusing on Risks - 10 Hours)
  • The Truth About Technical Analysis (10-Hours)
  • Creating Winning Trading Systems (10-Hours)
  • The Financial Freedom Trading Plan (6-Hours)
  • And Many Specific Strategies (20-Hours)


In short-when you complete the Trade Focus Mentorship Program you will be in the top 1% of all traders with regard to your overall understanding of what it takes to succeed in the markets. 


What About the Mentoring Part?

This is also something very unique about the TFMP.  Each month, you will have access to our monthly TFMP call where we do a Q&A session and discuss relevant trades going on from various strategies learned in the TFMP.  But each TFMP student is also paired with another TFMP student with similar interests, goals and risk levels.  This brings in the issue of accountability (covered in the Self-Destructive Trader course).  This can be a very powerful tool that will help you make the right decisions moving forward.  By having a fellow TFMP accountability partner, you will greatly enhance your experience with the TFMP.       


IF it is time to wipe the slate clean and start over, then you need the Trade Focus Mentorship Program.  Even though I have charged over $10,000 for this program in the past, I realize that this is something traders really, really, need. I have made it very affordable, even for smaller traders.  However, you must apply to be considered for the program.  To receive the application as well as watch a 30-minute online informational video demonstrating the power of the Trade Focus Membership Program and detailing everything that is included (there is a lot included I have not mentioned here), simply submit your name and email address in the box below.      


About the Trade Focus Mentorship Program Courses


Don't be fooled, you need an intimate understanding of all aspects of trading if you expect to be able to achieve your trading goals.  Your understanding of trading creates your expectations.  Your expectations drive your decisions.  If your understanding is lacking, or just flat out wrong, your expectations are wrong.  If your expectations are wrong, your subsequent decisions are wrong. 
If you are coming up on an intersection and your light is red, you expect cross traffic to stop.  Based on this understanding, your decision will be to go through the intersection, and the results will be disastrous.    
Trading is no different, except hopefully the only thing at risk is money.  The Trade Focus Mentorship Program courses aren't just shoving a bunch of information at you.  These courses are designed to give you the intimate understanding of the material being presented. 



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