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No Building is Constructed Without First Making Sure the Foundation Can Hold the Structure. Trading Without First Building a Solid Foundation is Doomed to Fail.



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As Close to Sure Thing Trading Opportunities as You Will See in Trading, This Unique Opportunity Approach is One You Should Not Miss.


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Whether You Are a Beginner or Options Expert, This Course Reveals the Most Logical, Practical, Powerful Understanding and Approach to Trading Options.



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Whether You Are a Beginner or Options Expert, This Course Reveals the Most Logical, Practical, Powerful Understanding and Approach to Trading Options.



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Technical Analysis is Not Some Magical Approach to Trading. If You Expect to Profit Using Technical Analysis, You Need to Understand Fundamental Truths About What it is and How to Properly Implement it Into Your Trading.



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From A to Z, Take Control of Your Trading by Learning How to Build Solid Trading Strategies (and Auto-Execute Them) Through Quantum Charts. This Course Covers Every Aspect of Market Analysis and System Development (Made Easy).



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Your Trading Account is an Extension of Who You Are as a Person. Make Sure You Take Proactive Steps in Making Sure You Don't Stand in the Way of a Profitable Trading Account.



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How to Put Everything Together into a Powerful, Practical, Actionable Trading Plan Designed to Leave Nothing to Chance. (Not available outside the Trade Focus Mentorship Program)



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Trading Foundations: The Necessary Building Blocks for Success


Do you have a solid foundation in the main principles of trading? If you truly want to succeed in your trading endeavors, it is critically important to build your trading foundation on solid principles, and that is exactly what Trading Foundations is all about.


As traders, we have developed certain expectations about what it takes to be successful. Our expectations lead to very specific decisions in what and how we trade. Imagine if you were driving a car and you expect cross traffic to stop when you have a red light. Your decision of whether to go through the intersection if you have a red light is directly based on your expectation. There are consequences to your decisions regardless of what your expectations were. As a result, it is imperative that your expectations line up with reality in every area of trading.


Trading Foundations lays the ground work for you to start building a profitable trading career by giving you a solid understanding in virtually every area of trading, including various types of strategies, technical analysis, money management strategies (super important), options, psychological influences, and, of course, putting everything together in a well defined, actionable trading plan.


All traders have certain expectations in each of these areas. All traders make very specific decisions based on these expectations. Are your trading expectations based on reality? Trading Foundations will make sure they are.

Smart Trading: As Close to 100% Probability as You Will Get


How does someone get up in front of 200 traders and guarantee the profitability of a single trade?  That either takes guts, stupidity or a deep understanding of an incredible trading opportunity.  In 1999, that is exactly what I did.  I stood up in front of 200 traders and explained a trade to them, and then said that if they took the trade and it was not profitable by a certain amount within 90-days, I would refund the amount they paid to attend the conference (I was a guest speaker, so this would have come out of my pocket...about $175,000). 

I did this because there are trading opportunities out there that will give you the closest thing to a 100% probability of success as you will ever see in the markets, and this trade was one of them.  No, it isn't based on technical analysis.  No, it isn't based on fundamentals or news.  It is based on something much, much more reliable, and quite possibly is the most logical trading approach there is.  But it isn't just the opportunity that creates the probability of success.  It is also how you trade the opportunity.  Just knowing about it isn't good enough.


The Smart Trading Course is 8-hours detailing everything you need to know in order to take advantage of Smart Trading opportunities.  You'll know what to look for, how to trade it properly, and where the risks are, as well as pitfalls that can undermine the probability of success.  You'll get everything you need to know in order to begin taking advantage of current opportunities immediately.

Mission Million Money Management: More Profits, Less Risk


Perhaps the most important trading course a trader can ever take, Mission Million Money Management will completely and forever change how you approach trading.  Money management, as defined in the course, is dealing specifically with trade size.  (It is not dealing with where to enter and exit a trade, this is covered under the topic entitled "trade management" in the course "How to Develop Winning Trading Systems").  And trade size is the most important question you can answer in trading.  Unfortunately, precious little time is devoted to the answer to this question, let alone to understanding the ramifications of the answer.

Money management probably has more misinformation out there than any other topic in trading.  Traders pass it off as some sort of necessary evil they have to deal with while their time, money and attention is poured out on trying to outsmart the markets by coming up with a "no lose" strategy.  Money management doesn't sell, it seemingly isn't sexy, and therefore gets little to no attention from the "experts".  You'll hear things like, "never risk more than 2% on any given trade", and that is about the extent of what they tell you.  It sounds good on the surface.  It sounds smart on the surface.  It even sounds conservative on the surface.  But in most cases, that is some of the worst advice in all of trading.

Making the wrong trade size decisions affects everything.  It affects your mindset toward trading, what you trade, how long you trade it, what you are risking, your overall profit potential, your probability of whether you'll ultimately be successful, everything, bar none, this decision touches everything. 

It is not just a coincidence that 80% - 95% of traders lose, and 80% - 95% of traders do not properly understand money management (how to determine trade size).  Everything you need to know about money management is in this course.  And you need to know everything about money management if you ever want to truly experience extraordinary success in trading.            

Options for Profits: How to Take Advantage of Option Dynamics


Options can be one of the most profitable trading instruments available.  In fact, it was in the options arena where I experienced 47 winners in a row (actual trades) throughout the course of a 1-year period.  This unprecedented winning streak was generated trading one of the strategies I teach in the Options for Profits course. 

But (and there is always a "but"), if you don't understand the dynamics of how options work, what drives the prices, and most importantly, how to deal with the risks, you could be in for a long and frustrating option trading career.  Even understanding all of these aspects do not guarantee that you will become a profitable option trader, but if you don't you are almost certainly guaranteed failure.  A majority of buyers and sellers of options alike lose money. 

The Options for Profits course begins by giving you a thorough understanding  of what options are, how they work and the various components that drive option prices.  Information provided in this course does not exist in any other option course, including from those who do nothing but teach option trading. 


My trading career began trading options when I was 16 years old.  I lost money and that was the beginning of what was to become a quest to understand what I was doing far beyond what the books could teach me.  Whether you are a beginner or highly advanced option trader who has taken all the courses and read all the books, you will find this course will give you a fresh understanding of how to improve your performance trading options. 

Click here to view the full description of the Options for Profits course.

The Truth About Technical Analysis 101


There are way too many misconceptions about what technical analysis is and what should be expected from it.  Technical analysis is the basis for many traders believing they have the "Holy Grail" of trading strategies.  These false expectations lead to wrong decisions.  Wrong decisions lead to losses. 

As you go through The Truth About Technical Analysis, you will learn how many, if not most books on technical analysis are elementary at best, and at worst, completely without merit.  You will learn this because you will learn exactly what technical analysis is, and only then will you know how to take advantage of it to increase your probability in your trading endeavors.  Context is everything, and if you are trading any method that implements any type of technical analysis, you need this course.  

How to Develop Winning Trading Systems


When you properly understand the dynamics of a trading system, you will quickly understand why most trading systems "don't work".  Most trading systems available on the market are coming from programmers, not traders.  Most systems rely too much on over-optimization which can be very deceiving.  Most importantly, traders expect way too much out of a trading system.  

Think of it this way.  If you were to load as much gold onto the back of a horse as possible, you most likely will weigh it down so much so that it never reaches the destination.  However, hook that horse up to a wagon, and load the wagon with gold, and you'll not be able to carry more gold, you will also more likely reach your destination under the strength of the horse.

The horse is the trading system, the wagon is the money management (trade size).   When you understand this relationship, you will gain a much greater understanding of how to properly develop a winning trading system.  That's the context.

The process for creating a trading system is covered in depth.  Each part of a trading system is fully explained, market movement, the setup, the entry, the exit, filters, context, everything is covered in this course.  And, thanks to the development of Quantum Charts, any trader can now develop trading systems without any programming skills.  All examples of systems are using Quantum Charts.

Finally, once a system is developed, you need to be able to understand how to interpret the performance of the system.  Performance statistics can be deceiving if you don't know what to look for.  Net profit and winning % are only a small part of what you need to understand in order to make the right decision on whether you will trade a system or not. 

At the end of this course, you will be able to view the role of the trading systems properly, and make much smarter decisions with the type of systems you trade, how you trade them and what you expect from them.         

The Self-Destructive Trader


The Self-Destructive Trader is probably the 2nd most important trading course a trader can take.  I rank it right behind the Mission Million Money Management course from the stand point of things a trader needs to understand in order to ultimately be profitable. 

The SDT is unique in how it deals with psychological aspects of trading.  Going well beyond the "plan the trade and trade the plan" type quips, this course hits at the very heart of personal issues that can have a huge impact on how you trade, and your overall success.  And, to be fair, the course causes you to go beyond your trading.  Who you are as a trader is an extension of who you are as a person.  Be prepared to be challenged like never before, and to make serious changes both in your personal life and your trading habits. 


























DISCLOSURE - Ryan is not a Psychologist and does not hold himself out to be.  The content contained in this course is from 25-years of trading experience while analyzing how long-held principles of human behavior affect everything we do, including our trading endeavors. 

Your Trading Plan for Your Financial Freedom


Your Trading Plan for your Financial Freedom is the culmination of all the courses contained in the Trade Focus Mentorship Program.  This is where you put everything together in a practical, actionable, comprehensive plan designed to help you reach your trading goals while not violating your risk tolerance levels.  There are many trading plans out there, but none are like what you will put together as a result of this course, nor can they be without the intimate understanding of all areas contained in the Trade Focus Mentorship Program. 

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